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Mon, Oct. 25th, 2010, 09:56 pm
doe_witch: Review: APS Pharmacy, Florida

Review: APS Pharmacy, Florida

This was my very first time filling a T prescription by any method at all. I'd decided to bypass insurance because of the red tape involved, and go with mail order. I heard of APS after someone else on this comm or another one mentioned them, and since they're rumored to be cheaper than Strohecker's, I investigated. I definitely have to recommend them to anyone, with several caveats.

The Good:
• I got 10 mL of generic testosterone cypionate in sesame oil for $33; I'm sure many of you realize what a ridiculously good deal this is. I apparently have two refills available, which is awesome.
• Needles cost only 16¢ a pop, and you can select your preferred sizing. By default they gave me twenty 18mm-1.5" needles for drawing up, and I selected twenty 25mm-1" needles for injecting. Syringes were included as well.
• They were extremely personable on the phone— very courteous, no weird questions, clearly dedicated.
• Shipping was $10 for UPS Ground.
• So all in all, I spent less than I would have through Strohecker's; I saved at least $10 and found things more customizable than my (also trans) fiancé did with Strohecker's.
• As far as I know, they also offer delivery methods besides injection.

The Bad:
• They sent syringes with both the draw-up needles AND the injection needles. So... now I'm going to wind up with twenty extra syringes.
• They did not send my prescription in the mail when they said they would. They actually sent it out two days late.
• They did not record my address accurately and today I just dealt with a fuckton of stupidity in sorting out how to get everything in time for my first shot, which is scheduled tomorrow.

The Procedure:
1. Have your doctor fax the Rx for T to their main fax line: (800) 423-4106. Make sure that your own phone number is included on the Rx.
2. APS will call you to arrange everything. The stuff I got should be offered to you alongside the T; if you have to bring it up yourself and for any reason they act like you need separate prescriptions faxed for the needles, point out that this runs contrary to what a recent customer was told/offered by Jason. Jason is the name of the person who helped me this time around.
3. Wait! On the East Coast I would allow 1-3 days depending on where you are, but that's from the time that they actually mail it, so maybe tell yourself it'll be more like a week if they are slow. Plan ahead. And make sure they DEFINITELY have your address correct.

I wish there were a way to get T that involved absolutely no hassle at all, but the hassle here, while infuriating because of UPS having awful customer service, ultimately diminishes in the face of the fact that I spent less than $50 on five months of T, which I can do again twice without my doctor having to write out any more prescriptions. One prescription has me set for well over a year, and I can fight with insurance about other shit LATER.

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