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Sat, Dec. 4th, 2010, 09:37 am
dknash: Speech Pathologists

Anyone know of a trans friendly speech pathologist in the Boston area? 

Mon, Oct. 25th, 2010, 09:56 pm
doe_witch: Review: APS Pharmacy, Florida

Review: APS Pharmacy, Florida

This was my very first time filling a T prescription by any method at all. I'd decided to bypass insurance because of the red tape involved, and go with mail order. I heard of APS after someone else on this comm or another one mentioned them, and since they're rumored to be cheaper than Strohecker's, I investigated. I definitely have to recommend them to anyone, with several caveats.

The Good:
• I got 10 mL of generic testosterone cypionate in sesame oil for $33; I'm sure many of you realize what a ridiculously good deal this is. I apparently have two refills available, which is awesome.
• Needles cost only 16¢ a pop, and you can select your preferred sizing. By default they gave me twenty 18mm-1.5" needles for drawing up, and I selected twenty 25mm-1" needles for injecting. Syringes were included as well.
• They were extremely personable on the phone— very courteous, no weird questions, clearly dedicated.
• Shipping was $10 for UPS Ground.
• So all in all, I spent less than I would have through Strohecker's; I saved at least $10 and found things more customizable than my (also trans) fiancé did with Strohecker's.
• As far as I know, they also offer delivery methods besides injection.

The Bad:
• They sent syringes with both the draw-up needles AND the injection needles. So... now I'm going to wind up with twenty extra syringes.
• They did not send my prescription in the mail when they said they would. They actually sent it out two days late.
• They did not record my address accurately and today I just dealt with a fuckton of stupidity in sorting out how to get everything in time for my first shot, which is scheduled tomorrow.

The Procedure:
1. Have your doctor fax the Rx for T to their main fax line: (800) 423-4106. Make sure that your own phone number is included on the Rx.
2. APS will call you to arrange everything. The stuff I got should be offered to you alongside the T; if you have to bring it up yourself and for any reason they act like you need separate prescriptions faxed for the needles, point out that this runs contrary to what a recent customer was told/offered by Jason. Jason is the name of the person who helped me this time around.
3. Wait! On the East Coast I would allow 1-3 days depending on where you are, but that's from the time that they actually mail it, so maybe tell yourself it'll be more like a week if they are slow. Plan ahead. And make sure they DEFINITELY have your address correct.

I wish there were a way to get T that involved absolutely no hassle at all, but the hassle here, while infuriating because of UPS having awful customer service, ultimately diminishes in the face of the fact that I spent less than $50 on five months of T, which I can do again twice without my doctor having to write out any more prescriptions. One prescription has me set for well over a year, and I can fight with insurance about other shit LATER.

Crossposted to ftm.

Tue, Jun. 8th, 2010, 05:15 pm
aannnndy: Boston Pride

I was wondering if anyone was marching in the Pride Parade and if they are marching with which group/ organization. I am guessing some are marching with MTPC, is that the case? As I am unsure. If others are marching with that group, do I need to sign up with them in advance? Or can I just show up? Last year I marched with another group and I just showed up. Some information before Saturday would be appreciated.

While I would like to come to Pride this year. I admit I am still on the fence about it. My main reason is I am still occasionally read as female in GLBT spaces. The last GLBT event I went to I was constantly misgendered, and being misgendered is a very sore subject for me.

So if any one has any suggestions on which group to March with and other things that would be great.

Sun, Apr. 25th, 2010, 02:03 pm
tribadd: Fenway/Letters

I'm in the process of planning for surgery and realized that I will need a letter from a therapist. Since I'm already using a PCP through fenway I was planning on seeing a therapist there as well. Has anyone had any experience with this? Would you recommend anyone in particular, or does it really not matter?

Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010, 01:24 pm
thisfrozenlake_: This Thursday: TranScriptions open mic featuring Arden Eli Hill! (x-posted)

TranScriptions Open Mic
Featuring Arden Eli Hill

Thursday, April 8, 7:30 p.m.
@ Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain
$5-10 sliding scale, all ages

Arden Eli Hill recently placed second in the Inglis House Disability Poetry contest. Ze holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University and is currently a poetry editor for Breath and Shadow, an online journal of disability culture and literature. In 2008, Arden was a poetry fellow at the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging Writers. Hir work has been published or accepted by Women’s Work Anthology, Kalidiscope, Cripping Femme, Ghoti Magazine, Transgender Tapestry, The Windy City Times Pride Literary Supplement, The Inglis House Poetry Chapbook, Wordgathering, the Lambda Literary award winning anthology First Person Queer and its sequel, Second Person Queer, and more. Arden also writes erotica under the alias “Arden Hill.”

Spontaneous Celebrations is now wheelchair accessible! The event is on the first floor. For details, contact Ed, facilities manager, at 524-6373.

TranScriptions is for queer and trans folks -- and for YOU. Always ally-friendly!

Keep up with us on
Facebook: http://groups.to/transcriptions
Twitter: @transopenmic

Mon, Feb. 8th, 2010, 11:04 pm
thisfrozenlake_: Come out to TranScriptions one-year anniversary show! (x-posted)

TranScriptions: featuring Good Asian Drivers

Thursday, February 11 @ 7:30pm
Spontaneous Celebrations // 45 Danforth St, Jamaica Plain
$5-10 sliding scale // all ages

Join us for our one-year Valentine's anniversary special, with the return of Cupid's candygrams! Don't forget to bring some extra cash with you to buy some goodies - the Dyke March Committee is baking for us again this month (and we've heard there may be heart-shaped cupcakes).

Our anniversary feature is: Good Asian Drivers!

The Good Asian Drivers, a performance powerhouse nationally-renowned as one of the most electrifying artists of their generation, recently completed their second national tour including appearances on the San Francisco Pride Mainstage, Toronto Pride, Phasefest, and the Decibelle Music Festival. Their newly released debut album, "Drive Away Home" has been receiving non-stop media attention including an Editor's Pick in the latest issue of Curve Magazine.

Mon, Jan. 11th, 2010, 01:44 am
thisfrozenlake_: TranScriptions: featuring the Tranny Roadshow! (x-posted)

Thursday, January 14 @ 7:30pm
Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, Jamaica Plain
$5-10 sliding scale at the door

TranScriptions, Boston's all-ages queer open mic, is kicking off 2010 with a bang and a bunch of traveling trans folks!

The Tranny Roadshow is a multimedia performance art extravaganza. It is composed of an eclectic group of artists, each one self-identified as transgender, and includes poets, rappers, filmmakers, storytellers, breakdancers, rock bands, comedians, actors, folk singers, photographers, zinesters, and more. The show is a fluid entity, changing to suit the artists and the crowd, but always it is full of intelligence, fun and humor.

We'll also have a delicious vegan bake sale - proceeds to benefit Massachusetts Trans Legal Advocates!

How to get to 45 Danforth St. by T:
Take the Orange Line to Stony Brook;
When leaving the station, turn right on Boylston St;
Cross Lamartine St;
Turn right on Danforth St

P.S. TranScriptions happens on the second Thursday of every month.  Don't miss our one-year anniversary show on February 11!  Keep up with us on facebook: http://groups.to/transcriptions

Fri, Dec. 11th, 2009, 12:07 am
iam_v: FTM counselor/therapist/psychologist

I started seeing a FTM counselor but my insurance won't cover him, so now I'm looking for other FTM counselors in the Boston area to see if my insurance will cover any of them. If you know of any, please let me know. It's really rather unfortunate because I've got a good raport with the guy I'm seeing now. :(

Also, does anyone know of an endocrinologist in the Boston are who will bill your T related medical stuff as if it was for another thing you're seeing the endocrinologist for? So let's say I have... hypothyroid, for instance. Does anyone know of an endo who is willing to bill the insurance as if the visits and labs were for hypothyroidism in order for the insurance to cover it? If anyone has a safer / better idea, please let me know, too.

Feel free to private message me.

Thanks ahead of time.

Sun, Nov. 8th, 2009, 07:49 pm
jtguy: Trans Emergency Fund Podothon Next Sunday--Please Forward Widely!

Sunday, November 15th is the start of Transgender Awareness Week! Kick off this important event with the TransFM charity podothon! From 6pm-10pm on Sunday, November 15th, we'll be raising money for the Transgender Emergency Fund (TEF). Guests will include Gunner Scott, Director of the Massachusetts Trqansgender Political Coalition (MTPC), Jesse Pack, co-founder of TEF, members of the current steering committee, and many more.

Tune in next Sunday to the TransFM broadcast and join us! To tune in, set your browsers to http://www.transfm. squarespace. com or listen directly at http://www.live365. com/stations/ ethanstp.

TransFM welcomes live callers, so dial up the studio at 978-518-1835!
For more info about the TEF, check out http://www.tgemerge ncyfund.org.

Thu, Sep. 24th, 2009, 02:12 pm
jtguy: Divas Live 2 Benefit--October 10th!

Viola Fields and the Dynamic Divas present Divas Live 2!

Featuring: Roxie Van Cartier, Gia Deveroux, Kim Fusion, Nikita Le Femme, Savannah Night, and Olivia Bouyea
$5 at the door, more donations welcome! 21+
The Hotel Vernon, Kelley Square, Worcester Massachusetts.
October 10th, 9PM

This is a benefit show for the Transgender Emergency Fund, which provides financial assistance for low-income transgender people living in Massachusetts. For more info about the Transgender Emergency Fund, visit:

For more information, contact Jesse Pack at (508) 755-3773 or jessep@aidsprojectworcester.org

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